Dark Spot Removal: Introducing A New, Safe, Faster Method

Throughout history human beings have always strive to be perfect. To get rid of those dark spots, to get a spotless glowing skin tone. In the past, this has been done through formulation of skin care creams. With technological advancements of the 21st century, more effective and faster methods have been developed. However, these have in some cases come at a painful cost- severe side effects. In recent years, laser treatment has become popular as it is the safest, most effective and fast method of removing dark at spots.

If you are just starting out, curious or pondering on the way to go, there is a brand new technique. During this year’s (2018) Annual American Academy of Dermatology Meeting, a new product was launched. The PiQo4 from Lumen. A new laser treatment that uses non-thermal energy to target affected areas. It is FDA-approved and treats multiple skin discoloration issues such as age spots, melasma, sunspots, tattoo removal, birthmarks and uneven skin tones.

What is PiQo4 and How Does it Do its Magic?

To get started, PiQo4 is a laser treatment method that uses non-thermal energy to repair a wide range of skin pigment issues.

If you are going to believe that PiQo4 works magic, then it’s is essential to understand how it works. PiQo4 uses four unique features to ensure skin restoration is faster and safe. These features are:

1. Picosecond and nanosecond laser pulses.

2. High energy.

3. 4- Wavelengths.

4. Deep reach to enable deep pigment dismantling


Double Effective Treatment

Picosecond and nanosecond laser pulses

Nanosecond and picosecond are simply types of laser pulses. At first the nanosecond will release high energy in short bursts into the affected areas. This will breakdown the bigger and deeper pigment particles into smaller granules.

The area will then be re-scanned this time with the picosecond laser pulses. This will dismantle the shallower and now smaller pigment particles. This double treatment ensures PiQo4 gets rid of those dark spots faster than when using one kind of pulse.

High Energy

Laser pulses are in the form of light energy. Once they reach the target area, quite short laser pulses are absorbed. This causes the transformation of light energy to acoustic waves. These acoustic waves are the ones that shatter the pigment particles in a quick and effective way. PiQo4 produces 10 times more energy in both the 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths.

Deep Reach

PiQo4 comes with a wider spot reach. Its spot size ranges from 2mm- 15mm. This is one of the largest in the industry right now. This enables it to have a deeper reach compared to other laser treatments. It can easy get rid of bigger spots and even tattoos uniformly without damaging the skin. This makes PiQo4 yield results in record time.

4- Wavelengths

Different colors absorb specific wavelengths. To dissolve them then you have to target them with an estimated wavelength. PiQo4 designers figured out the most common pigment /ink color wavelengths and designed this laser treatment to that tune. It has 4 wavelengths – 1064nm, 585nm, 650nm and 532nm for effective breakdown of the most

common pigment granules. It targets the 9 most common tattoo colors. It can erase all colors of the rainbow.

Why Opt for PiQo4 Laser Treatment for Dark Spots?

Since its first use PiQo4 has had success stories. One such case is David J. Goldberg, MD a New York Dermatologist who underwent the procedure himself and had immense success. Here are some of the benefits of PiQo4 procedure;

1. Hardly any pain

Dr. Goldberg a beneficiary of the treatment witnesses to hardly any pain. This procedure is very gentle. Also, in most cases, it does not require downtime, making it hustle free. Healthy adults can safely handle the procedure.

2. Faster Treatment

With up to 15mm in spot size capacity, the treatment time is almost halved. It can treat larger spots and even tattoos which are normally quite large with relative ease compared to lasers with smaller spot sizes. As a result PiQo4 treatment yield results faster as lesser treatment sessions are required. Research shows that PiQo4 is up to 40% faster than other laser dark spots removal methods.

3. Boosts Natural Collagen Production

Apart from pigment shattering PiQo4 also rejuvenates the skin. Not only does one get rid of dark sports but the skin looks much better. Thanks to PiQo4 that boosts the skins natural production of collagen, responsible for making the skin healthy and look much younger.

4.Capacity to treat large spots and tattoos evenly

Due to their small spot size other treatment methods tend to remove tattoos and large spots more unevenly. This is as a result of more refocusing to cover the whole target area. With PiQo4, spots up to 15mm can be targeted with only one focus leading to even removal. Better results can be achieved for tattoos because of the less refocusing required.

Unfortunately, despite its great benefits, the procedure is not recommended for persons with a history of keloid scaring and those patients with cancerous lesions. Always consult with specialists, dermatologist or plastic surgeons to determine if you are eligible for this procedure.

PiQo4 is undoubtedly the best latest cutting-edge technology in skincare. Dark spots, age spots, melisma and other pigment issues can now be treated faster and safely. However, treatment varies from one person to the other. Others will get results in the first try, while others will have to undergo several treatments. In the end all will have a rejuvenated skin. One must always ensure they get services from trusted, registered specialists.

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Natural Secrets For Anti-aging

If you worry about your aging skin whenever you see your beautician and get so astonished to see her youthful skin and charm, then this article is for you. There are not a lot of people with baby-like or youthful skin tones, even in their thirties and forties. Ever wondered how they keep their skin protected and take care of it from anti-aging?

We approached the most sought-after stylists in the beauty industry and other famous aestheticians to find the solution to this most precious question. And they agreed to provide us some healthy tips to avoid aging of the skin. Just for the record, we don’t recommend using anti-aging creams. We prefer the natural way, nature cures everything.

One of the most commonly-shared tips basically involves the use of sesame oil. There are so many beauty stylists who admit to using organic sesame oil to massage their skin first thing in the morning. The oil has a soothing effect and can wake you up feeling rejuvenated. Even better, it increases the blood circulation. After applying it on your skin each morning, experts advise taking a shower by which the oil itself cleans away the dead skin cells and gets you a glowing skin.

Anti-inflammatories have also been touted as some of the best anti-aging solutions. These need to be taken in the form of 500 milligrams of Omega-3 fish oil in the morning and at night. As a general rule, we should go for the ‘molecularly distilled for purity’ ones because they are pesticide-free. These fish oils help in heart immunity and skin growth and hair growth.

Another great but simple tip is to use a drugstore cleanser and then apply some moisturizer before you go to bed. This helps in getting a smooth and glowing skin.

The number one thing in a series of anti-aging tips is to avoid is processed sugar. Sugar is known for its speeding up of the aging process by weakening the collagen in your skin eventually. This can lead to premature wrinkles and sagging. The best thing to do is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. But you can use sugar to scrub your face which smoothes your face and gives a coating for makeup.

Exfoliating or using mask on your face and hands will reduce anti-aging to a big extent. Using an enzyme concentrate on face and hands will make a huge difference. Massage is also a proven medication for aging skins. Doing stretches and exercises and meditation will do the effect of massage.

Using an over-the-counter topical vitamin C cream with a 30 percent concentration would be good. It is an anti-oxidant and it helps to repair your skin from sun damage. It has a synergetic effect by combining the daily SPF because of the natural sunscreen properties present in it.

Malic acid is a tooth cleanser. It breaks down stains and cleanses your teeth. Malic acid is present in many fruits like strawberries as well as grapes, and apples. Eating these fruits rich in Malic acid helps to cleanse your teeth.

While rushing to the office or to somewhere in a hurry, using a primer is a good option considering that you don’t have enough time to apply makeup. Put primer all over the face and chest area. It has tiny reflective particles which bounce back the lights and makes the fine lines unnoticeable.

This tip will help your hairs. Instead of using gels for controlling curls, apply a small amount of conditioner or treatment mask into the damp hair and then blow dry. The conditioner provides grim hydration which is important for a younger looking hair.

To avoid your eyelashes from becoming brittle and dry and eventually falling off, you need to take good care of it. While applying eye cream, use a little to dab on your eyelashes. This keeps it healthier.

These are the tips from the experts we approached. The experiences and tips they have shared are surely a lifesaver. There might be a large number of beauty-conscious people searching for some solution to this natural problem. Unless you have a fountain of youth, it is better to follow these tips from the well-known beauticians and aestheticians. It is true that you can’t stop aging. But you can avoid the revealing of the aging to some extent by using these anti-aging tips.

Usually, you would have to put some creams to cover your wrinkles. But these are not so good for your skin. That is why these natural methods will really help you. Hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know your opinions in the comment section. Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts.

Risks Associated with the Use of These Popular Essential Oils

Essential oil

Essential oil is a combination of a saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon, aldehydes, alcohol, ethers, terpenes, ketones, esters, and lastly oxide phenol that may or not produce specified odors.

Characteristics of Essential oil

· They have a colorless and have a pleasant-smelling liquid which often have a high refractive index

· They are concentrated and so potent making them perfect to be used on pressure joints and also to rejuvenate.

· They are coming from different parts of a plant such as from glandular hairs, specialized cells, pockets and reservoirs not to mention in the intercellular spaces.

· They can be administered using different methods but in small quality such as through massage, inhalation or even simple application of the oil on the skin surface but it’s rarely taken internally.

· It’s proven to have antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial properties.


· These oils can be used for the treatment of both mental and physical balance through inhalation and external administration. Majorly used in aromatherapy process.

· Popularly known to relieve stress, regenerate and also rejuvenate a person.

· Due to their numerous properties, they can be used to treat diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, Alzheimer in addition to labor pains during pregnancy.

· The use of aromatherapy has recently become popular. This therapy uses essential oil to treat cancer and sleep disorder. These oils are majorly used in therapeutic, aromatic, cosmetic, fragrant and for spiritual use.

· The main therapeutic agent used in aromatherapy is essential oils. Based on research, it has been discovered to be highly concentrated for their use.

For example, did you know that to make 1 pound of;

· lavender essential oil, takes 150 pounds or even more of lavender flower

· peppermint oil, takes 256 pounds-peppermint leaves

· rose oil, takes thousands of pounds of rose flowers

To be on the safe side, due its high concentration for substances, there is a need to dilute these oils when applying them externally. Only on special occasion should it be used undiluted but under the care of trained aromatherapy practitioner.

Risk associated with the use of Essential oil

Often, these oils are used to promote self-care. They are used to solve issues with acne and anxiety management. New findings have just revealed some scary discovery regarding the use of lavender and tree oils. This can make you reconsider using essential oils.

During the 100th annual meeting of Endocrine Society, a new discovery and expo presented shown that there are possibility that lavender and tree oil may be containing chemicals associated to the abnormal breast growth. In young men it is also called prepubertal gynecomasic. In addition, J. Tyler Ramsey who was the lead study author and also a member of post-baccalaureate research team at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) stated in his statement that these oils should be considered unsafe to the society based on the fact that they contain a large amount of chemicals. Therefore, they should be used with a lot of caution since some of the aforementioned chemicals are known to be potential endocrine disruptors.

There are eight chemicals used in these essential oils which are considered unsafe. They include; dipentene/limonene, alpha-terpinene, eucalyptol, alpha-terpineol, 4-terpineol, gamma-terpinene, linalyl acetate and lastly linalool. They were all tested and scrutinized in a lab if they indeed contribute to breast cancer cells. These chemicals were tested against breast cancer cells and it was determined that they reduce testerone and increases oestrogen in the body.

It’s more worrisome to known that apart from the fact that these chemicals have been found in lavender and tea tree oils, they have also identified other 65 essential oils having the same chemicals and are currently available in the market

Generally, it’s normal to be wary of anything that can affect hormones in the body. but this doesn’t translate that it’s time to stop using lavender oils. In regards to Ieuan Hughes, pediatrics’ professor at the University of Cambridge, the probability that these essential oils will have adverse effect to everyone is minimal. he told BBC that there is possibility that some individual is more sensitive to these chemicals’ effects or are excessively using them and therefore not everyone using these oils will have the same adverse effects. Henceforth, more research should be conducted before declaring essential oil unsafe from your routine but still the facts found are worth keeping so it’s worth keeping them in mind for future reference.

Basics About Acne that You Should Aware Of

Acne is a common term in households and beauty premises all over the world. It is a skin condition that affects not only teenagers but babies and adults as well. The most affected part of the human body is the face but acne can also appear on the chest, neck, and back. A pimple outbreak is a good example of acne.

What is acne?

This skin condition manifests in terms of blemishes such as pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, lumps or rashes sometimes.

Some of the misconceptions about acne include a bad diet and poor hygiene causing it. However, it could a hereditary or hormonal issue. You may try to wash your face as often as possible and avoid foods such as processed sugars but fail to control acne.

How does acne occur?

The skin has oil glands that should produce oils to nourish it. However, when the oil is too much, it clogs pores on the skin. This causes two problems blackheads for large pores and whiteheads for small heads. Pores are the openings on the skin where hair follicles grow. Now, it is these heads that develop into pimples or inflamed skin. The worse condition could be lumps. This is usually a swelling under the skin that could be painful when touched and my, unfortunately, become infected.

As mentioned earlier, acne is an adolescence problem by 80%. The rest accounts for adult acne. It is worse if a teenager has oily skin, as such a skin type produces more oils thus increasing build up in the pores. The good news is it gets better when someone reaches his or her 20s.

Both males and females face this problem. The severity of acne depends on a person’s skin and other things that only nature can explain. It does not matter if one is male or female. However, it is said that women or girls face moderate levels of acne while men struggle with the severe forms.

Causes of acne

It is not enough to know what acne is, but also what causes it. This way, it is easier managing and curing it. Well, here are the causes of the skin condition that many struggles with.

Hormonal changes

As children reach puberty, their bodies start to produce substances or say hormones that alter things in their systems. The common hormone for both genders is androgens. Boys release testosterone. These hormones tell their bodies to secrete more sebum, which is the oil the skin produces in its oil glands. Considering every part of the body is covered by skin, you can imagine the risk of acne occurring. However, some parts are more prone to acne than others.


When oils clog pores on the skin, it is possible for bacteria to enter the area. It then leads to white and blackheads. If the pores are unable to hold the amount of accumulated oil, they let go and the oil reaches the nearing tissues causing papules, which are usually inflamed. If they grow further, they become nodules that are big and tender. When a person has face acne, he or she needs to avoid touching it, as hands transfer harmful bacteria to the face. One should keep the face as clean as possible and wash it twice a day after waking up and before going to bed.


Some pills may cause acne. For some women, they may reduce it. IUDs and injections can also cause skin breakouts. There have been cases of bodybuilders developing acne after using steroids as well.

Newborn acne

Acne does not spare kids. Some newborns especially boys may have rashes on the forehead and face, which goes away on its own. Unfortunately, for some children, it may leave behind scars. The good thing it is not painful so your baby will not cry about it.

Just because you did not suffer the wrath of acne when a teenager does not necessarily mean you will escape it forever. You could have the condition in adulthood. A bacterium by the name Propionibacterium acne cases this skin problem. It causes more harm when it multiplies and gets into skin pores because it will break down sebum (skin oil) causing inflammation. However, how severe acne depends on how a person’s skin reacts to an increase in sebum levels. For some people, an increase causes few pimples, but for others a serious breakout.

Now that you understand what acne is, and its causes, you have the knowledge you need to handle it better and seek the help you need. The better you know a skin condition the more you understand how to handle it.